Helpful Apps

We’ve compiled a list of apps that you may find useful.

If you know any other apps relating to (perinatal) mental health that you can recommend, please let us know 🙂

Apps – Free, or with trials


Headspace is about giving yourself an opportunity to turn your attention inwards and to view the mind from a different perspective.

It is the ability to develop a sense of acceptance and appreciation for whatever may arise in your experience. By introducing you to some of the fundamental principles of meditation, in time we can become more aware of ourselves and others and begin to see things with more clarity, ultimately enhancing our experience of everyday life.


The Don’t Panic series of audio self help guides is designed to provide people with easily accessible information about common mental health difficulties.

They are based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) principles, an approach that has been shown to be effective by the National Institute for Clinical Excellence.

The guides should be listened to at least once a day for at least a week, to be of the most benefit.

The guide is available as an App for Android devices, or can be heard online through a web browser.


MindPilot is a mindfulness and meditation course that can help you de-stress, sleep better and enjoy a greater sense of well being. Unlock your inner strength with the powerful skill of mindfulness.

Levels 1 & 2 of the MindPilot course can be enjoyed for free and without time limit – featuring mindfulness learning modules and guided meditations of various lengths. Other free content includes over 20 “how to meditate” audio tools, a special section on performing better each day and successfully meeting your daily challenges, and a mindful moments section covering mindful eating, mindful walking and other exercises to help bring mindfulness into your daily life.


Uplift brings you the latest positive news, inspirational quotes, and articles on self improvement and motivation. Featuring 4 different categories, the Uplift app lets you read what you need, when you need it! Here you’ll find positive stories to brighten your day, articles to help you maintain a positive lifestyle, and advice on how to bring positivity into your work/business life. Best of all, Uplift is updated daily to bring you dozens of new articles every day! Taking articles from over 15 sources, Uplift is one of the largest collections of positive/inspirational information on the internet.


Zest is a feature-rich gratitude journal to appreciate the little moments and increase your well being.

Features include:

  • List what you are thankful for every day.
  • Add a picture to remember the day.
  • Get statistics about your longest streaks and most active months.
  • Keep your motivation up with a daily quote.
  • Get five random moments from strangers every day. 

Mush is the #1 app for mums, helping mums everywhere to instantly become part of their local mum community. Mush makes being a mum more brilliant. It was created by Sarah & Katie who bonded over the nightmare of “two under two” and who wanted an easy and fun way to find local mum friends.

Apps – available for a fee


The Worry Watch App allows you to capture your thoughts, emotions, feelings and moods with great level of details.

  • Record: Write down what is bothering you and whether it is a hypothetical scenario.
  • Realise: Once past the worry, note down if it turned out as bad as you worried
  • Reflect: View your anxiety patterns and trends with the help of charts generated
  • Reform :Based on your own statistics, realize your worries may be mostly unfounded