Where is the Money Going?

As part of National Perinatal Mental Health Awareness Week, Bump2baby Reality in association with By Your Side will be hosting a Fundraising Event to raise funds for the Coventry and Warwickshire Perinatal Mental Health Service. Money donated on our JustGiving page will be going to the South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust Charitable Fund and from there will be appropriated to the Coventry and Warwickshire Perinatal Mental Health Service.

The focus of our fundraising is the families themselves. We want the monies raised to be used directly for supporting those affected by perinatal mental illness and their immediate families.

As part of this focus, a proportion of the funds donated will be going directly to By Your Side to assist them in their invaluable work. For more details of what By Your Side are all about, please click here.

From the funds appropriated to By Your Side, there are three main areas in which they plan to spend…

A Stay and Play group to be launched in May 2018 by the peer support network associated with the By Your Side service user forum. This Stay and Play group will be specifically for families who have been through the Coventry and Warwickshire Perinatal Mental Health Service. The idea behind this Stay and Play group is for parents to be able to meet others in a similar situation and to feel comfortable to speak about the issues they are facing without the fear of judgement or any other negative influences.

Hampers for mums being discharged from the Mother and Baby Unit (there are currently 2 such units serving Warwickshire: Birmingham and Stafford). These units are for mums at the severe end of the scale who cannot be helped by the community teams so are admitted for more intensive help. Sometimes mums can be there for months and comment afterwards that coming out into the community was really hard as they were having to ‘go it alone’ and they have also missed out on that normal maternity leave experience. By Your Side want to be able to do something nice for them when they are discharged to soften this blow. These hampers will contain, among others, items such as a voucher for a family day out, family photo shoot and print, pamper session for mum, term of classes to a baby group.

Tablets for new video interactive guidance software which will be used to help treat mums who are experiencing mum/baby bonding issues. This is such an important area of treatment both for mother and baby alike.


“‘By Your Side’ is a new service user support group.  They have been established since November 2017, and exist to support the Perinatal Mental Health Team which spans Coventry and Warwickshire.  Funds raised by the group will be used to support the PMHT in areas such as equipment to allow staff to increase support for women who are struggling to bond with their babies, access to community services for women who are having difficulty accessing these and perinatal resources and training.”

(Kirstie McKenzie-McHarg, Consultant Clinical Psychologist Swark-FT)


We hope you agree that this is a very worthwhile cause and hope you will join us in our fundraising.


For donations please visit our JustGiving page.
Many Thanks.